The company is located on an area of 2200 square meters and employs 26 employees for the molding workshop, warehouse, metrological laboratory and offices areas and 8 employees for the construction and design molds area.

We take care of:

  • Co-design product with the customer.
  • Mold design with 3D CAD systems. Building molds with CAM techniques.
  • Realization of specific functional gauges. Performing two-tone custom print.
  • Plastic injection molding on presses from 40 to 300 tons, costing inserts and mounting.


Isolanplast was born in 1962 from the entrepreneurial flair of Luigi Cocino and the intuition to devote himself to the emerging sector of plastics processing. Initially an individual company, it maintains artisanal characteristics until the early 1980s, developing for several reasons, not only geographical, in the field of nautical and underwater equipment, thanks to leading customers in the sector. In 1976, from the need to develop its own products in these sectors and the intuition to produce (first in the world) magnetic compasses for all plastic pleasure boats, the Riviera company, still affiliated Isolanplast, was born, assuming a typically industrial connotation.

In the 80s, following the acquisition of the customer Bosch, (of which it becomes the preferred supplier), of primary importance in the sector of automation for industry, it increasingly developed its skills in precision technical details, assuming a typically industrial connotation. In the 1990s, it accentuated its connotation with the entry into the automotive sector, thanks to the acquisition of the market-leading Bitron customer in the supply to the world’s leading car manufacturers. In 1996, he was one of the first Italian family-owned companies to build a management system for Quality, which brings significant benefits in terms of organization and business performance; the quality certificate according to the Iso 9001 standard attests to its creation, recognizing on the one hand the ability of the company to effectively design and implement its production processes and on the other hand acting as a stimulus for continuous improvement. In 2005 he obtained environmental certification (ISO 14001) and from 2000 the business continuity is guaranteed with the full entry of his children, Laura and Luca Cocino, who today outline the company’s strategy, taking advantage of the contribution of about 40 employees.

ISOLANPLAST, an history of continuous growth from 60 years!!!